21st century. The age of modern technology and advancements in every field imaginable. From science, space exploration, professional studies – and even dating. Dating sites began in the mid-1990’s. The very first site made was www.Match.com and has since helped people find the loves of their lives.

Dating has now become a very popular trend for single people – young and old alike.

Swiping right or left on your screen, will also lead to many dangerous downsides if one is not careful. Here is a broad list containing the cons of being a participant in an online dating site or application.


  • They are plenty of fake profiles
    • With the ease of entering some of these online sites, it makes it easy for people to create fake personas in them as well. One can even pose as someone else all in the guise to become a whole other person. The anonymity and the comfort the screen provides is often what encourages many people to catfish many people who are not so inept in using online dating sites.
  • Sex predators use the site too
    • And since it’s obviously and fairly easy to create profiles, a lot of sex offenders and men with ill intentions use these sites to lure in innocent users of the site. It’s wise to be wary of everything that seems suspicious to you.
  • Beware of many stalkers
    • “I met my boyfriend online, and after a few months of dating, I later found out he is a stalker! I had to get a restraining order!” Lines similar to these are the banters of women who use to site and later find out the ugly truth their partner hid from them.
  • Money hungry opportunistic jerks
    • People also often use online sites for their own personal gain. Some people beguile people over the site, befriend them, and then after a while, ask for money saying it’s for an emergency or that its payment for something. Often, promises will be said but will not be kept. These scams are very apparent and the very likely ones that are encountered by users of the site. It’s best to stay away from people like this.
  • Identity theft
    • Technology advancements also breed advances in crime. And with its rise, the rise of crimes relating to identity theft rose as well. One of the risks if having multiple profiles from many online sites can make you a vulnerable target for cybercriminals.

Dating sites have their own allure that might lure in. The promise of you finding the perfect person to spend your life with is the best tagline that can bait anyone into your site. Sites like Match.com, OkCupid, eHarmony, and AdultFriendFinder exist for that reason. With the popularity of these sites rising, it’s also important to take into considering the risk that the user is putting themselves in. The ugly truth of online dating sites is that it can endanger its user in more ways than one. If you’re a member of one, being wary of suspicions accounts or profile will definitely help you be able to get more out of the experience without any trouble at all.