The problem of love for incorrigible, abusive cohabitation is a tough moment. Most women find it very difficult to break with their partner because they once saw him as a “soul mate.” Yes, once these relations were passionate. And some wrong little things could not destroy your feelings. This is the moment when you become blind to your man. He begins to lie to you, and he verbally or physically harms you. You know that he slowly destroys you, and sooner or later you will leave him. But the tearful requests of your soul, again and again, return you to it. You cannot forever leave the person who holds your heart in your hands. Which once was your “soul mate.”

If you have met your real “soul mate” (a person who adds meaning to your life), then you will not have those negative factors listed above. A loving person will not manipulate you, will not keep you on a short leash, refuse lies and intrigues on the side. Regardless of how strong your partner feels, this “soulmate” will never allow yourself to be emotionally or physically harmed. Never for anything! The very existence of violence between two close people can no longer be interpreted as something healthy. Honesty, dedication and unconditional love – all this forms the basis of a healthy relationship.

If you are in a relationship with a “soul mate” who has ceased to be tender and loving with you in time, then you should think about the following:

Your relationship will never improve until you clear your mind of emotional attachment. In any case, it will lead you to destructive relationships. This is the law of attraction: two “defective” people meet together to form a broken relationship.

If you leave it, never look back, because the “soulmate,” whatever it is, is like a massively addictive drug. The only way to permanently destroy this influence is to interrupt all contacts, block his phone and email, and never again communicate with him. If he is a pathological liar, forget that you will someday get his truth from him.