How would I know if he is ‘The One’? A question most women ask whenever they find their own partners. How do I know if he really is the one for me? His family and I get along so well, I enjoy his company and I would want to spend the entirety of my life with him. If you’re one of the women who have these lines in your head, the quest for love is a long and winding road.

A lot of people feel that love is what makes the world go round. And with the never-ending surge of romantic comedies to watch, there’s little room left for doubt. Finding the right one is a huge mission for someone to take. A lot of options are available for many millennials and oldies alike. Options ranging from speed dating to online dating sites, and dating apps! So many ways to find the perfect match just inside your pocket. Nowadays, dating sites are very trendy. Dating sites offer the thrill of knowing someone near you without even attempting to look for people randomly. You can look for people based on their preferences, matching theirs with yours and going dates.


Finding that one person you’d want to spend your entire life with is a daunting thing to think about. But, firstly, how would you know if you’ve already found your ‘THE ONE’?

  • Interests
    • Having the same interests as your lover is a definite plus in any relationship. You won’t have to constantly think of topics for conversations. Having similar interests can be the catalyst to that spark you want to keep igniting in a happy, fruitful love.
  • Goals and Standards
    • What goals do you have for yourself? Your lover? Your family? Aligning your set goals and plans with what your partner has is a good way to ensure that the relationship lasts long. If you and your other half both have your eyes set towards the same horizon, is the definite proof of how focused and committed you both are.
  • Personality
    • Of course, having similar interests and/or having the same set of goals is all for naught if you and your partner’s personalities do not go well in harmony. Being in harmony does not necessarily mean that both of you have opposite personalities or the converse. It simply means that having numbers 1 and 2 in check is nothing if you and your lover do not get along well.

While finding that fateful person involves a lot of time, money, effort, and a good amount of fate, nothing will happen if you don’t put yourself out there too. Dating applications and dating sites can only do so much for a person. Putting in the effort and emotion is also very much necessary and an absolute must. In this golden age of the internet sites like LoveMates and many online quizzes offer a simple quiz you can take to find out what match perfectly suits you. Are you ready to put yourself out there?